The Legend of Deerman

ArcVision’s Deerman is a contemporary version of the Hopi Kachina spirit called “Sowi-ing” or “Deer Khat-sinna”. Kachinas are benevolent spirit beings who live among the Hopi for half the year – however, in St. Louis he lives all year ‘round in the ArcVision lobby.

How Deerman selected ArcVision Inc. for his home is indeed a strange story. For reasons only known to the Kachinas, he followed Fred home from one of this ski trips from Taos, New Mexico and has been roaming the office ever since.

Everything in the Hopi world – plants, animals, forces of nature, human beings – has a spirit. The Hopi strive for a peaceful and harmonious existence by honoring the spirits of all beings, thereby entering into the right relationship with these spirits and making the world harmonious, balanced, and peaceful – just as ArcVision’s architecture creates a harmonious, balanced peaceful living/work/play environment for the human spirit, for you and your customers.

The “Sowi-ing” or “Deer Khat-Sinna” is believed to make the rains come, causing the grass to grow, thereby ensuring plenty of game and increase of stock – for ArcVision that means plentiful projects; for you it means more business or customers. In addition, he is thought to have curing powers against fits and spasms – for you and for ArcVision that means smooth project flow.