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Who We Are

We have become the “disruptive innovator” of the retail/restaurant development industry providing our customers with fast paced project execution at an economical cost. Our firm size and team oriented organization allows us to work and communicate effectively with our clients. The personal involvement of the owners assures our full accountability. Our multi-discipline approach and our industry knowledge are our company strengths.

Our Approach

ArcVision Inc. is a Missouri corporation founded by Doug Ashdown and Fred Goglia to deliver nationwide retail/restaurant architecture and engineering services in a highly professional, aggressive and customer oriented way. By developing a business model based on the tenants of “guerrilla architecture” we service our customers with rapid client response, critical site investigation reports, precise construction documents and uncompromising field expertise. Over the last twenty years, ArcVision has grown to over 100 people strong with offices in St Louis, Dallas, Orlando, and Las Vegas.

We can provide a vast array of services to assist with just about anything you need. From mall and strip center based retail to freestanding facilities, we are there to help you every step of the way.

We have in-house Engineering for Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing. This allows for better communication and coordination with the architectural department for more accurate and timely completion of projects.

We communicate with each jurisdiction directly to obtain upfront due diligence requirements and time frames to keep your project running seamlessly.

We provide accurate as-built plans through on site building investigations. Whether for a planned renovation or just for your records we can provide you with everything you need regarding building dimensions, structure, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Client Types

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The original vision of the owners thirty years ago was to develop and deliver new architectural and engineering solutions for our clients in the fast growing retail industry. Their vision and values remain today and continue to adapt to a constantly evolving retail environment.

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It wasn’t long before the owners transformed their vision and capabilities into solutions for the restaurant industry as well. Our restaurant division mirrors those elements while completing over 300 restaurant projects annually for a diverse collection of national brands.

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Our diverse portfolio includes corporate office remodel projects that we have completed for several of our retail and restaurant clients. With our experience and capabilities, we are able to complete a single office remodel project or a nationwide rollout program which creates a more efficient process from the planning stage to office opening.

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Most of our bank projects are part of a branch bank expansion program that utilizes a prototype design that can be adapted to several different location types.

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The Legend Of Deerman

Deerman is our corporate mascot. He's a big help around the office. Come and meet him.

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